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Hi, there! This is the main page for LibDS, a (what is hoped to be, or become) fast, generic, and easy to use data structures library.

Latest version

At last, version 2.2 is in the works. A directed graph object (DGRAPH) has been added to the data structures by Alberto González. Any questions regarding this object should be sent to him at reydelamirienda at users dot sourceforge dot net.

Latest major version is 2.1, released 25 October 2002

LibDS has now been ported to Solaris 5.8, and should work on most other Unix platforms. Also, for Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD (and possibly Net/OpenBSD) shared libraries are now created as well.

Latest minor version is 2.0.1, released 8 January 2002

I have added two new data types (because I needed them over the weekend): SET and BAG. They are pretty straightforward, but are kind of useful in certain situations. This version is still not finalized, so watch out, because the SET and BAG interface is subject to change at any time.

Latest major library version is 2.0, released January 2002:

Downloading the distribution

We're releasing LibDS distributions very often. The main LibDS layout and files have been implemented, so it is stable and fully usable; however, a lot of work needs to be done in cleaning the code up, implementing some examples and tests, etc ... Issues that come forward from these sessions get fixed/implemented/etc... and usually a minor release follows. Whenever it becomes clear that the incremental changes have altered the distribution sufficiently, a major release follows.

Major releases are always guaranteed to work. Consequently, these are the only releases about which complaints and/or bug reports should be officially filed in.

The release version number determines if a release is a major or a minor release. Major releases have two-digit codes, such as libds-2.0, or occasionally a three-digit code, but such that the third digit is the same as the second, e.g. libds-2.0.0. Minor releases always have a three-digit code, such as libds-2.0.1, and the third digit is never the same as the second.

Anyway, follow the "Download" link at the head of this page to the download locations at SourceFORGE.


Please send any mail regarding LibDS to kingofgib at users dot sourceforge dot net.

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